Zodiac life raft

Absolute mortal danger !!!
Resolves itself in the Tropics after 4 - 5 years.
One drowned, before one can lodge a complaint.

Opinions in summary:

The probably most dangerous of all maritime products even if they will be checked regularly. The evaluation applies for Zodiac life rafts since 1990 and to models containers or bag, equally.

After the 1. maintenance (2 years) the Zodiac life rafts are still in good condition.

With 2. or at the latest 3. maintenance came up the Zodiac life rafts, they loose however after approximately 30 minutes air, until they were situated flatly on the soil. The splices had resolved themselves.

Admitted, the radiation in the Caribbean is hard. But the same occurs there as in probably 5 years in the Mediterranean, only evenly in former times, quasi in the quick-motion apparatus.

Who must in the case of distress into a Zodiac life raft, has bad prospects. That will be the reason for the small number of reported complaints.

With Seven Seas, the community of the Skipper from the USA, are to Zodiac life rafts traditionally on the worst rating of each evaluation. On complaints no reaction.

Comments: "The Zodiac life raft is absolute junk. If we used it once, we were dead." That is to be added nothing.

Zodiac knows the lack of their life rafts and Dinghis for years and undertakes nothing, in order to warn their customers before a use in the Tropics. Zodiac lets customers drive because of its profit knowingly into death. That is most criminal.

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