Yanmar diesel engines

About the following Yanmar diesel engines we can present reports (according to year of manufacture type designations and power output numbers might be slightly different):

Yanmar models:

Short evaluation:

summarized opinions of all of us in the Caribbean until today (conditions: see below load update) asked authorized workshops, free workshops, engine- fitters of the chartering-companies MOORINGS, SUNSAIL, STEM'S, STARDUST etc. as well as skippers

Yanmar GM series

1 cylinders, 9 HP

2 cylinders, 18 HP

3 cylinders, 27 HP

At the small diesel engines we know only Mitsubishi (Vetus), Volvo Penta and Yanmar. Although all small diesel engines seem to have clearly more problems than bigger diesels, Yanmar is evaluated virtually everywhere to be far better than Volvo Penta. The Yanmar engines of the GM series are indeed not without problems, but in their class, their quality and reliability is by far leading.

To Mitsubishi we up to now hardly received information. The market coverage of Mitsubishi is apparently too small, in order to be able to do statements.

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Yanmar JH series

3 cylinders, 40 HP

4JH 4 cylinders
44/50/52 PS

4JHTE turbo charged
4 cylinders, 63 HP

The motor 4JH are praised altogether: Very good, excellent, outstanding engine.

The only problem at the engine seems to be that it rusts strongly. Either the coating is bad or the steel. Here Yanmar should improve.

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