Westerbeke diesel engines

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General opinions in detail:

February 2003

Alexander, since 1980 engine- mechanic at MOORINGS St. Lucia (Marigot Bay)

"If Westerbeke engines are employed as ship's diesels, there are only problems. Oil seals are worst: The engine is continuously completely oily. The oil runs out at all places. If we do an oil change and clean the engine after that, we record that very exactly in our reports. Because if the engine has run only few hours, it looks, than if it had not been maintained for a long time. Then the next mechanic does again an oil change although the last oil change is only few hours here."

Only if Westerbeke engines run as generators ashore, they have few problems."

February 2003

Cecil, manages since 1984 the spare part procurement at MOORINGS St. Lucia (Marigot Bay)

Very drastically:

"Westerbeke engines are a piece of shit. Heat exchangers, diesel pumps, everything."

Onto our question, which one of Westerbeke's engine models exactly:

"All of them, also the ones which are employed as a generator."

individual reports, where according to year of manufacture type designations and power output numbers might be slightly different:

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