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General opinions in detail:

To Mitsubishi we up to now hardly received information. The market coverage of Mitsubishi is apparently too small, in order to be able to do statements.

We personally know only a single installation (from 2003). However, this installation (Eddy, "Schiva") shows, that the generator for a marine engine is undersized and the regulator is not a ship regulator that loads to 14,4 volt, but a motor-car regulator that virtually turns off at 12,8 volt. With that the batteries never become full, even if the motor runs for hours (2004).

individual reports, where according to year of manufacture type designations and power output numbers might be slightly different:






My boat is equipped since 2000 with a Mitsubishi S3L2 marine diesel (1.3 liters, 3 cylinder 26 HP at 3.000 rpm). The Mitsubishi machines, which are offered by Vetus, are smaller and need therefore a higher number of rpm.

In principle a converted industrial diesel. The machine was bought and marinised by "JF navy power" in Nijkerk NL in 2000. The same machine is offered also by "Drinkwaard engines" in Sliedrecht NL, which also marinises.

Since installation the machine turned about 550 hours.

In the last year the exhaust manifold had to be renewed, because it was rusted through. At the heat exchanger I welded a heavy high-grade steel of bent now. The machine actually runs very calmly, but not as economical as my old 24 HP Bukh, but more than 100 kg lighter. The standard generator is not strong enough and should absolutely be exchanged against a better one.

Dependent on the company that converted this engine for shipping use the cooling water pump is installed. Those unfortunately is inserted with badly attainable at the starboard side with cover to the rear directly in front of the engine starter motor. In addition the machine is very easy to air out after the assembly of new filters. As gear a TMC40 is installed, although more cheaply than some other makes, less quietly.

Altogether I am content with MItsubishi.

Jaap Bakker, SYSTEM Sawadi III, Leystad NL

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