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Skipper - Info

Long term Skipper report on their experiences with manufacturers, products, dealers and service stations, so that other Skippers do not make the same mistakes, which they already made:

Skipper know

There are


good products,


bad products,


trash products,



products, those might be lethal !

And even good products can have bad service. But: Which products are good, which bad, and which manufacturers, who dealers, who service station?

Information is everything, but own experiences cost time and cash. Don't fall back why thus better to information and reports of other Skipper?

Long-term Skipper are the best testers: They live over months or years on their ships. If someone can have problems with material, then they have.

The Tropics, e.g. Caribbean or Pacific, are the best test district: Usually wind 5 to 6, short, steep wave by strong current, high air humidity, highly salty, sand and intensive UV radiation with 30 degrees. Everything is demanded from the equipment there. Products age here in the quick-motion apparatus. Which stands 10 years in the North Sea and 5 years in the Mediterranean, will be trash in the Caribbean after 2 years.

Only what stands the tropics, one can recommend. The remainder does not have to be on ships.

Nevertheless well-known companies can products from more deplorable to lethal quality sell, because one trusts on names and advertisement. Each Skipper had to experience:

With complaints manufacturer places itself often deaf, particularly the large ones. Only if Skipper solidarize and buy nothing more, on which before them hundreds are pleased already will somewhat change. It is nevertheless an absurdity the fact that we weight at some companies about their bad products and occurs nothing. The individual is not anything. One increases something the advertising budget, and one already sells again like beforehand. Already the announcement in a German sail magazine that such a program is planned, caused manufacturers here to substantial protests. There one is afraid nothing more than solidarizing the Skipper, therefore we should do even that urgently and fast.

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