Volvo-Penta Diesel 2002

Long Term Test (started 1992)

All lack came off on only one single ship:


with 2 identical Volvo Penta engines 2002,
the same year of construction 1991,
the same equipment,
both fresh water cooling.

Therefore very good comparison whether lack arise coincidentally or are normal: Typical report beside many others.


New ship La Rochelle, transfer direction Mediterranean and afterwards Caribbean, experiences with Volvo Penta at the following engine hours:

3 hours:

Engine 1 gallons of diesel in the bilge, broken diesel filter after Volvo Penta inspection La Rochelle France.

5 hours:

Engine 2 starters short cut because of ground contact with the copper water pipeline of the fresh water cooling, unsatisfactory assembled in the Volvo Penta company.

15 hours:

Engine 1 oil line leaky, engine and engine compartment completely oily.

50 hours:

Engine 1 and engine 2 first corrosion damages at the electrical connection, engine hardly start. Contacts derusted (!!) and greased.

150 hours:

Engine 1 and engine 2 blow blue smoke (premature wear), in the water under the exhaust small oil spills. Embarrassingly, with what kind of oil dump boat one drives around in clear water. Again sea water pump defective, water in the bilge. From that time one does not count no more, how many pumps one needs per year.

200 hours:

Engine 1 anode unsatisfactorily fastened, hung loosely between saildrive shaft and propellers. Anode ok, but electrolysis on the Saildrive.

250 hours:

Engine 1 complete loss of all engine control displays up to oil pressure warning horn.

290 hours:

Engine 2 complete loss of all engine control displays inclusive on oil pressure warning horn.

400 hours:

Engine 1 and engine 2 cannot be operated no more, all tiller cables blocked from rust, renewed.

410 hours:

Engine of 2 starter defective, starter renewed. Altogether to today 5 starters at engine 1 and engine 2 were renewed.

410 hours:

Engine 1 and engine 2 both left engine mountings broke apart, engines jump up and down on the foundations, renewed.

420 hours:

Again heaviest corrosion in the starter electrical connection, repaired.

420 hours:

Sea water pump drips again, complete exchange of the pump, again housings of the pump broken. Per 10 years about 20 sea water pumps are renewed.

450 hours:

Engine 1 and engine 2 tachometers again failed. Engines must be driven to hearing.

500 hours:

Engine 2 edge of wiring loom in the original Volvo Penta wiring harness. The factory-installed strain relief of the wiring harness in the control console, cuts the soft cable isolations, is too sharp edged. Instrument light holders are charred, but lighting is not important any longer, because the tachometers do not function anyway any longer.

500 hours:

Examination of cockpit controls: Corrosion at all places and all contacts: Complete trash: Edges of the plastic control plates broken out, and in several places started breaking.

600 hours:

Extensive corrosion at all cables in the engine compartment.

800 hours:

Engine 2 fresh water pump again defective, renewed, spare part 650 US $.

890 hours:

Engine 1 fresh water pump again defective, renews, spare part 650 US $.


... and so on and so on ...

Between them until today (2002): Constantly any new repairs, frequently also again and again the same repairs. Usually every 2-3 days one of the bunks must be divided, in order to eliminate the engine for running to wars or lack inserted under it. It would blow up the side to specify everything individually. Starting from here only the most important:


1640 hours:

Engine 1 fresh water pump again defectively, repairs 280 €, because spare part 840 € (France).

The Volvo Penta 2002 engines proved on this ship as completely unreliable and therefore extremely dangerously. One never knows: Does the engine start today or not? Did I already divide the bunks and the engines today, did I repair the engines or do I have it still to do?

On this ship 95 % of all work went going on the two 2002 engines.

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