Katadyn Power Survivor 80E watermaker 12 Volts

Long Term Test (started March 2004)

Starting from 2004 we test the Katadyn Power Survivor 80E (formerly Katadyn Power Survivor 80E) in the container version (NOT modular) in the Caribbean. We will constantly report of the test results and the behavior in continuous operation.

Experimental setup:

The Power Survivor 80E (container version) was installed brand new on 29 March 2004.

It was mounted horizontally on a wooden installation board under a not used foredeck bunk. For the case of possible leakages in the 80E a connection to the bilge exists. Under the installation board of the 80E there is nothing that can be damaged by seawater.

The 80E is installed approx. 1 meter higher than the sea water inlet.

Hose connectors:

Sea water inlet to the filter housing

6 meters

Filter housing to the 80E

1 meter

80E to sea water discharge opening

4 meters

80E to the tank
(the tank filler neck lies
1.6 meters over the 80E)

6 meters

After the installation the equipment ran for 1 hour to be checked.

With start-up of the equipment and also in the future we will measure the quantity of the fresh water production per hour and the ppm concentration in the produced water in certain distances.

Each test takes place in completely clear sea water, at present in the Caribbean. During the test we run the ship engines or the generator in order to keep the batteries, that feed the watermaker motor, on a guaranteed minimum voltage of 13.8 Volts.

With every experiment is indicated the


temperature of the sea water in degrees Celsius


delivery fresh water per 60 minutes


total duration of the 80E since its start-up


number of the temporary deactivations of the unit


produced fresh water ppm concentration every minute for 15 minutes

test results

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