Outside of the Tropics one nearly always stows the dinghy under deck. One needs it only in emergencies.

In the Tropics there are hardly marinas. Boats are at anchor almost all the time. Without a dinghy one has to stay on the boat at anchor. Thus dinghies in the Tropics belong to the most important things on board. Every boat has a dinghy behind. According to that their quality is extremely important, and dinghy quality is very different:

The best dinghies are Caribe and AB. In the Caribbean 80% of the long-term sailors use dinghies from these two manufacturers. Unfortunately they are to be stowed away somewhat heavily and badly with their solid soil. Both may be important perhaps in Europe or the USA, but is unimportant in the Tropics. There the dinghies during the day are in the water, because one constantly needs them. In the evening they are hung into the davits or pulled with a rope alongside the boat over the water line, in order to protect it against theft. Next morning they are in the water again.

Ships from French shipyards, which come each autumn over the Atlantic, and also most charter ships have traditionally French products on board, thus dinghies from Zodiac. Those are the worst of all. They disintegrate in the Caribbean sun already after 2 years. That applies to all dinghies made from PVC. Only for Hypalon withstands the intensive radiation in the Tropics.

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