Silent blades for the Air X / Air Breeze

Since 10 years is told: Southwest Windpower developed new quiet high-tech blades to updates its Air models. Now those quiet blades for the Air X / Air Breeze are reality. However they were not developed by Southwest Windpower, but by a German professor in the wind tunnel generally as blades for fast running wind generators.

We tested the prototype in February 2008. The result is impressing well. Up to 20 knots, we had not more wind with our tests, even the quiet humming of the Air X is louder than the nearly inaudible new blades. On our test ship at anchor the Air X with the new blades is hardly to be heard, while normal Air X ©, Air Breeze © and Superwind © on remote ships are clearly to be heard from big distances.

That becomes particularly obvious, if one has a standard Air (X or Breeze) running on the same ship against an identical Air (X or Breeze) with the new blades:

Run both, one hears very clearly the typical and well known Air X noise.

If one switches off the Air X with the new blades, nothing changes in the noise level.

If one switches the standard Air X off and lets the other Air X with the new blades keep running with unreduced spin and achievement, there is suddenly peace in the ship, even if one is only 2 meters distant from the turbines. With a distance of more than 10 meters or under deck one hears practically nothing.

The difference of the two blades is really considerable. In the achievement both blades lie similarly. The new blade starts somewhat faster and brings within 10 to 15 knots somewhat more achievement. Precise measurements were not possible with on board instruments. But since one does not have to switch the quiet Air X off at night any longer, only this point increases its achievement per 24 hours in relation to a normal Air X by at least 30%.

On closer inspection of the blades one sees very many differences to the normal Air X. The blade material consists not as with Southwest Windpower from carbon fibre granulates, which is baked very flexibly and break-susceptibly in a form, but of rigid and sturdy carbon fibre. That is a substantially much more high-quality product than the normal Air X blade.

The new silent blades do not only fit on the Air X, but also on the Air Breeze. Just remove the rotor plate of the Air Breeze and change it to the rotor plate of the Air X. Both rotor plates fit on both Air models.
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