Anchor Chain ACCO G40

Long Term Test (started 2003)

On our test Catamaran because of weight reduction we had exchanged 2003 the 10 mm standard anchor chain against the 8 mm HighTest G40 anchor chain of ACCO (supplier Island Water World St. Maarten).

8 mm HighTest G40 chain has a higher breaking load than standard 10 mm chain has.

This standard 10 mm anchor chain of our test Catamaran was continued to use thereafter on another ship. It was at that time 10 years old, is today 15 years old and still in good condition. It hardly shows rust.

The Acco chain of 2003 was already heavily rusty after 4 months and was exchanged by Island Water World St. Maarten against a new Acco G40 chain. Island Water World St. Maarten said, the chain was looking as used 15-20 years.

Also this chain had strongly rusted after 2 years. After each anchoring the ship was full of rust pixels, which must be washed off every time.

Afterwards the chain was turned. The up to then unused other half of the chain looked brightly silver by galvanizing. It was however black after 1 season (4 months) and rusty after the 2. season.

While our standard chain stands now 15 years, the Acco HighTest G40 rusts after the 2. season and is scrap iron after the 3. season. If one buys the chain twice as long as needed and can turn the chain after rusting to the half, the use may extend to 5-6 seasons.

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